Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream reviews – read real user reviews to find out just how well this product really works before you decide to buy or not.

Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream ReviewLucent Skin Cellulite Cream claims to smooth the surface of the skin by reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is the dimpled appearance of skin caused by fat deposits that are just below the surface. Not only does it physically effect appearance, it also psychologically affects confidence which is why so many of us search out that elusive miracle cure that doesn't exist. The good news though – there are products out there that do help.  Lucent Skin anti-cellulite solution targets these fatty deposits quickly and effectively. It aims not just to reduce but to also iron out the dimpled appearance of cellulite affected skin.

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Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Review.

Cellulite is known by many different names; the mattress phenomenon, orange peel syndrome and cottage cheese skin amongst many others. It affects 90% of women and 10% of men at some stage but fortunately, the cosmetic industry has come up with lots of different products to deal with this problem – one such product is Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream. Ever since its launch there's been a great buzz on the internet about this cream, it's both popular and highly respected as an effective treatment but just what are the REAL users saying about the product … is it as good as the industry claims?

lucent skin cellulite cream

Cellulite Explained (Simply).

Whilst you might be excused for thinking that cellulite is a medical condition, it is in fact merely a fat build up beneath the skin. As this fat pushes against tissue it prevents efficient blood flow. It's this that causes the skin above to pucker giving it the all too familiar appearance of bumpy skin … akin to that of a the skin on an orange. There's no danger associated with cellulite but it's not exactly pretty to look at. That's why most sufferers would like to get rid of it. It affects both men and women but women suffer more.

As we said, cellulite is a build up of fat beneath the skin. That doesn't necessarily mean you are overweight (although sometimes loosing weight can help). The exact cause is not known. There does seem to be a heredity link but other factors also influence cellulite. Factors such as: diet, metabolism, exercise, hormones, hydration, body fat, type, colour and thickness of skin.

There are three different types of cellulite officially recognised:

1: Oedematous cellulite is fairly soft and a direct result of fluid retention.

2: Adipose cellulite is firmer and gives that tell-tale orange peel effect on looser skin.

3: Fibrotic cellulite is the least common and is the hard, compact type that lives deep down in the fat cells.

Not only are there three different types there are also four different grades:

Grade 1: Pinch the skin and there's no visible cellulite.

Grade 2: Pinch the skin and you can see a dimpled orange peel effect. This will only be visible when the skin is pinched, the rest of the time it's invisible.

Grade 3: Stand up and you can see it, lie down and it's gone.

Grade 4: Cellulite is visible at all times – standing or lying.

Diet and exercise will help but, no matter how severe the presence of cellulite might be, there are over the counter treatment options available that do actually work and can make a difference.

Why Use Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream.

Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream ReviewLucent Skin is a new brand name for Revitol who themselves were formed at the turn of the century and have developed into a highly trusted name in the field of health and beauty. They are also members of the Natural Products Association who are in turn are: “dedicated to providing safe and effective products that help people supplement their lives”.

The cream attacks the root of the problem just beneath the skin by improving blood flow and hence helping the fat to dissolve or be more evenly distributed and hence reducing the unsightly bumps. It is effective on both men and women and, as the reviews will prove to you, it really does work when used correctly and consistently.

Be aware though, if you're looking for a miracle cure and instant results you're not going to find it anywhere as it simply doesn't exist. Use 1 to 3 times a day as directed and you should see visible results fairly quickly though.

Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Application.

Lucent Skin Cellulite cream is a safe and easy to apply topical cream designed to be applied directly over any area affected by cellulite. Application couldn't be easier. Simply rub the cream into the areas of the body where cellulite is present three or four times a day and the natural ingredients will get to work! It's rapidly absorbed deep into the affected skin and gets to work by rejuvenating both the outer and inner layers of skin and connective tissue and by stimulating blood flow making the skin firmer and tighter. It helps further by removing harsh toxins.

This in turn reduces the orange peel like appearance of cellulite so that it is much less visible if not gone completely.

Out of all the many cellulite treatments on the market we think it's up there with the best. We suggest that you check out the users reviews and maybe give it a try.

Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Review

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Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Ingredients.

This cream consists of 100% natural ingredients that include:

1. Retinol A: This is a renowned extract that has the ability to reduce cellulite on its own. Retinol A promotes the skin’s health by its great ability to penetrate through the skin dermis and improve elasticity. During this process, Retinol A also boosts skin’s collagen levels and also repairs any damaged tissues present in the affected area.

2. Algae: Also known as bladderwrack extract, this ingredient helps in detoxifying and speeding up the fat metabolizing process so that the stored up fat in the affected area will be broken down. Toxins from inside the body are then released and disposed off.

3. Caffeine: Aside from all other stuff in the cream, there is also caffeine. This caffeine helps in facilitating blood circulation in the affected area, so that the toxins, fat, and the excess fluids are metabolized and flushed out quickly.

4. Capsicum Extract: This is basically a kind of pepper which works alongside caffeine to ease blood flow and also rejuvenate the skin. Capsicum also strengthens the connective tissue in the skin.

5. Green Tea: Green tea is popular for its many health benefits. In this case, its amazing detoxifying properties are just perfect in cellulite eradication.

6. Horsetail Extract: This extract is used to tone the skin and also make it firmer.

7. Shea Butter: This last ingredient works as a moisturizer. It keeps the skin on your bottom and thighs well hydrated.

Other Ingredients include: Purified Water, Squalene Oil 99%, Glycerin, Safflower Oil, Allantoin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vegetable Emulsifier, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl, Stearate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E Acetate, Triethanolamine, Dimethicone, Disodium EDTA, Panthenol, Tricaprylin, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Gotu Kola Extract, Horse Chestnut, Fennel Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Inositol, Germal II, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Carbomer.

Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Cost.

We know that, when it comes to cellulite, there are a wide variety of products and solutions out there on the market today – each one claiming to be better that the next or containing that special, secret ingredient that no one else has. They're usually accompanied by flashy advertising campaigns or eye catching point of sale in the aisles of your local store. Lucent Skin are a little different – the focus is entirely on the quality of the product.

Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Review

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There's nothing special about the packaging and you won't even find it on the shelves as it's only supplied directly from the manufacturer and this is what sets them apart. By marketing in this way they can supply the best quality in the most cost effective manner.

Don't buy from us or any third party website – go directly to the official website. That way ypu will make sure you get the real thing, the best price, access any discount or offer and have the assurance of the full money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Consumers are given a viable and highly cost effective alternative to surgery when it comes achieving cellulite-free legs, arms, and stomachs. Quantity dependent a tube costs from as little as just $29.98.

Lucent Skin Cellulite CreamReviews.

Based on the many real Lucent (formally Revitol) Cellulite Cream reviews, we feel that this product will definitely help eliminate the cellulite. So, just what are these REAL users saying about the cream? Well, overall it receives 4+ stars out of 5 so it can’t be that bad!


Sure, it doesn’t seem to work for every one (nothing ever does) but poor reviews are in an absolute minority:

Waste Of Money

I sent for this after reading the reviews on this product, but i was very disappointed after using it nearly all up my legs have not changed a bit it was a waste of my money. Lucent Cellulite Cream review by Kath


There are a very few reviews that are unsure – it’s important to remember that this is not a miracle cure and if you expect it to work over-night then save your money because it's simply not going to happen.

Not sure yet

I am a climber and a mountaineer, i go out to do long days a couple of times a week and do a couple of hours in the gym every single day, but unfortunately i have had cellulite all my life but I've never thought of using anything. I've been using this product for a month now and of all products I've been using is the only one i could see a bit of difference, i measure myself every week and the first two weeks i was using this i lost a few cm, not sure if it was the exercises or the cream, but there you go. Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream review by Maria

One slight criticism, which does get mentioned a little, seems to be the smell:

Does What It Says

This is a no nonsense product. After using a variety of different cellulite products this one actually seems to be working! It's sparse packaging is nothing to go by – I actually think this promotes it's authenticity. The only point I would make that isn't too positive is it's smell. Not pleasant, but it's a small price to pay for a product that actually works. Lucent Cellulite Cream review by Debs


That said there are some really positive reviews (many from reviewers who have been verified):

Great product!!!

I do have a cellulite problem, for the last 4 or 5 years. It's not that bad, but I'm trying to minimize it through exercise and a use of cream.
I have tried sooooo many creams, not the expensive ones though. In my opinion this cream does exactly what it says and it is the best I have tried so far. “Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples”.
OK you should not expect miracles, but this cream does a really good work. In fact I can see results after one month of use. Oh I should probably mention that I'm only using the cream once a day – every night – and not twice a day as it suggests.
Anyway you should consider using this cream, together with some exercise and you will see results! I, myself am 100% satisfied.  Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream review by Marianthi.

Worth Using

Was a little sceptical as sooo many creams on the market claiming to rid you of the orange peel look. Well I can honestly say I was shocked with the ressults! It not only started to reduce the look of the icky peel it also made my legs and tummy feel sooo much softer, smoother and firmer. I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to alot of creams but this did not irritate my skin at all! Major plus. Review by Happy  7.

More Positives

Love it!

I swear this product really works! The smell isn't that great, but I can definitely see a difference after a few days use. I'm already on my second tube! Review by TaroulaP.

Great Product

Other creams and lotions I've tried have been greasy and uncomfortable when putting clothes on, Lucent Skin is not the slightest bit greasy, it's a bit chunky actually and leaves the skin pretty dry. If you keep at it and use the cream consistently it really helps! I went a couple days without it once and noticed the cellulite dimples were more prominent. Overall, this product works great if you're willing to use it daily and get some exercise in also. Highly recommended to anyone with cellulite! Lucent Cellulite Cream review by Claire.

Best anti-cellulite treatment by far

I have tried numerous anti-cellulite treatments, most of which have little effect. Despite having sensitive skin I have no reaction with this cream and I noticed improvement by as little as two weeks. I have not used any other treatment since. Lucent Cellulite Cream review by Snowy.

One of the latest reviews from a verified user said simply: :

Five Stars

Great product!! Lucent Cellulite Cream review from Amazon Customer on March 17, 2017

Overall, in our opinion this is one of the better cellulite treatments on the market today which we have no hesitation in recommending.

Does Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Work?

The product is made from natural ingredients that have been proven time and again to yield positive results. In a number of reviews, users report experiencing not only the reduction of cellulite in applied areas but have confirmed the disappearance of the dimples in their thighs, hips, and butt in less than 3 weeks.

Instant, overnight results … absolutely not (beware any products claiming to do this) but used regularly and in accordance with the directions it is proven effective and will work, especially when combined with a slight increase in exercise to further improve circulation and a lower salt diet.

Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Review

Nothing works for everyone but most of those who have tried Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream have confidently recommended the product. A 90-day return policy is added security that if it doesn't work for you, then you can always have your money back!

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Lucent Skin Cellulite Cream Review

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